Don't Freak Out!

What to know for your shoot

Most importantly, do not get overwhelmed. About anything. We will help you feel comfortable, pick out outfits, create beautiful poses and flattering angles, and anything else you might be worried about. Above all, this is your shoot and it will be empowering and fun. Your only job is to relax!

Outfit Choices

We can discuss outfit choices over the phone, but you're more than welcome to bring anything and everything you have in mind, and we can help you go through them when you arrive. Don't have anything to wear? Feel free to ask us about our client pieces. Keep in mind that natural light and the lens love skin colors and textures so your birthday suit is always a great choice. Best thing is that it doesn't even count as one of your outfits!

Skin Care

We don't recommend spray tans for the shoot. If you insist, please make sure you do so at least 3-5 days in advance. If you plan on getting a bikini wax, please also do so 3-5 days in advance to avoid redness and irritation. Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes to the shoot to avoid skin creases that might show up in lingerie or nude shooting. Pre shoot meal should be light but filling.

Pose and Photo Ideas

Pose ideas that will accentuate your favorite features are welcome. We love an interactive shoot, and we want to make sure you get the pictures want and will love! Please understand that if you reference boudoir pictures from other photographers, we may have trouble recreating exact sets, lighting, and overall photo composition. Referencing types of photos from the galleries on this website may be more helpful.

Final Thought

Please please be kind to yourself. We are all our own worst critics. Boudoir photography isn't about looking perfect. It's about feeling confident. If this is a time you aren't feeling your best, it may be the perfect time to book your shoot. This experience is incredibly empowering and can do wonders for your confidence. Before you arrive, take the time to appreciate yourself in the mirror. Be grateful for your body. Take the time to notice something new about yourself that you find sexy. We'd love to hear what you found! It's your only homework