Meet the Couple

We are Mike and Vanessa Woods. Deciding to build a business around our love for boudoir photography has been a dream. Married in October of 2018, we have three beautiful girls, Lucy (11), Mikayla (2.5), and Eva (1). We have both fallen in love with the family life and hope to build in the near future. Having three girls has opened our eyes to some of the unique challenges they face in life. It's one of the things that has made us so passionate about what we do. There is so much to appreciate about yourself and our job is to show you just how beautiful you can feel!

As a husband and wife team, we've loved working together. We've only almost divorced 3 times. Can't ask for much more! Vanessa has been teaching yoga for 8 years and Mike has headed a number of creative ventures over the last decade. Ultimately, building a happy family and continuing to pursue the things we love professionally is our vision. We can't wait to show you sides of yourself you never knew existed.